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About Us

The Mission and purpose of DN LGBTQ Resource Project is

to provide a comprehensive data base of resources for the LGBTQ community with a

focus on improving the mental health and quality of life of LGBTQ individuals in Del

Norte County. Creating accessibility and awareness of resources helps create

community, reduces isolation and provides education. It is shown that isolation and lack

of a visible community has a negative impact on the mental health and contributes to

suicide of LGBTQ individuals especially youth who have far less access to the

greater world outside our county. By creating a real and virtual LGBTQ community

in Del Norte County our aim is to create a safer community that fosters better

mental health and prevents suicide; provides prevention and early intervention.


The main activities are researching, collating information and resources,

production of digital and print access, distribution of both digital and print formats to

as many agencies, organizations, places of social congress, educational entities, and

health care providers etc. as possible. In addition radio station ads, collaboration

with high school support groups will spread awareness and work to build a strong

community network.


According to the Williams Institute approximately 5.3% of California’s population

identify as LGBTQ. This percentage means that approximately 2 million residents

of California are in the LGBTQ community. While we do not have an exact number of

those living in Del Norte County this project aims to reach approx. 1,500+ individuals

per year. This project will address unique needs of the rural LGBTQ community

through surveys and organized events.


The Del Norte LGBTQ Resource Project will partner with Queer Humboldt as their fiscal sponsor; they are a qualified non-profit 501(c)3 resource center serving queer individuals and groups in Humboldt County and the surrounding areas through community education, affordable mental health services, micro grants, networking and more.


Goals and Objectives


Provide Direct Access – Create flyers/brochures/guides to information and

services locally and beyond.


Create a Visible Presence – Help those living in Del Norte County to not feel

isolated by building a community, which also serves to educate and create

awareness to those outside the LGBTQ community.


Access to Services – Create online resources that will help individuals access

and link to services.


Educational Material – Help individuals find information about needs, services

and education, for example exploring gender affirming surgeries or educating


Resources – Create an online platform that will provide educational information

and resources.

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